Computer for Dummies Books

Computer for dummies books

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....For Dummies is a series of instructional books intended to serve as non-intimidating guides to various topics. The books' distinctive colors are yellow and black, with a triangular-headed cartoon figure known as "Dummies Man." Despite the title, their publisher takes pains to emphasize that the books aren't literally for dummies.

The "For Dummies" series of how-to books was started by John Kilcullen for book publisher IDG Books with the book DOS for Dummies in November 1991, written by Dan Gookin about the computer operating system DOS. [1] Next came PCs For Dummies, also by Gookin, propelling the series' popularity.

With the immense success of that book the company expanded their series into what it is today with such diverse subjects as World History for Dummies and Rabbits for Dummies to Parenting for Dummies and Sex for Dummies. The "For Dummies" brand has been licensed for a wide variety of instructional non-book products[2], including instructional videos, sewing patterns, and even a slot machine, "Winning for Dummies"[3].

The ...For Dummies book series is now published by John Wiley & Sons Publishing, who acquired Hungry Minds (the new name for IDG Books as of the year 2000) in 2001.

Computer for dummies Books related to PC building and upgrading.