Why a website about Barebones Computers?

I made a website about barebones computers to help people who are looking to build a PC. I don't sell barebone computers on this website, but I can direct you to some of the best sources to find great deals on barebone computers, as well as other PC components.

I offer free articles to help assemble or upgrade your PC. Some of articles and content on this website are produced by other authors and sources, but I have also added content by written myself.

barebone computer

Who am I?

My name is Bill Hamilton, and I own this website. I live in Collingwood Ontario Canada. In 1999 I was a Honors graduate from the Microcomputer Maintenance and Support course at Georgian College. This was an 30 week course on both computer software and hardware.

Although I never went on to work in that field, I kept working on computers as a hobby. Since then I have been by upgrading and assembling computers for myself as well as for other people.