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5 Sure-Fire Tips for Buying a New Computer Where do you start? There are so many brands and models of computers available, and it can all be a little overwhelming when you start to look around.

A Guide to Refurbished Laptops Manufacturers refurbish laptop computers that have been returned. The laptop might have a scratched screen or other minor blemish.

Audio Problems Fix Your PC’s Audio Problems: What To Do Before You Call Tech Support By Sarah Borroum

Backing Up Your Data in Windows XP If you haven't backed up your important data at least to a CD, you should do so IMMEDIATELY!

Build AMD Athlon 64 Computer To Build AMD Athlon 64 Computer, you can either buy all the components and assemble them yourself.

Build Home Entertainment PC A basic Home Entertainment PC can be started with a basic barebone system. Even a used PC can be used as a good start.

Build it your self computer workstation Must Have PC Hardware for you’re built from Scratch Computer.

Buying a computer? Ask these 3 questions! Why do you need a computer? What is your budget? Should you go for a branded PC or an assembled one?

Computer Case Modding Case modding is the artistic modification of a computer chassis (often just refered to as the case), often also involving peripheral components. The terminology "mod" is short for "modification."

Computer Repair Training Getting the right computer repair training can lead to a rewarding career.

Choosing the Best Graphics Card Getting Graphic – Five How-to’s in Choosing the Best Graphics Card For your Computer.

Dial Up or Dial out The difference between dial up and dial out is more than just a matter of semantics. It’s also a matter of service and the difference between an individual pc and a network of computers.

Choosing Your Monitor Your monitor is, in many ways, the most important part of your computer purchase.

The FAQ’s of CPU’s What is a CPU? New users ask that question a lot. They often refer to the system box, which houses the motherboard on which the CPU sits, as the CPU.

Computer Maintenance Repair Tools To buy computer maintenance repair tools the prices can range from around $12.00 for a basic set. To a advanced Ultimate PC Repair Kits for over $500.00

Computer Preventive Maintenance A Good computer preventive maintenance plan includes both the physical preventive computer maintenance as well as the maintaining of the software thats in the computer.

The Top Five Most Popular Computer Upgrades Most everyone with a computer is looking to have the fastest, most efficient computer filled with the latest computer technology.

The difference between dial up and dial out is more than just a matter of semantics. It’s also a matter of service and the difference between an individual pc and a network of computers.

How To Quickly Fix Nagging DVD Drive Problems You really enjoy those dvd movies and games and the last thing you need or want is to experience problems with your dvd drive.

Effective Ways To Buy Discount Laptops The best way to shop for a discount laptop computer is be realistic about what you need. The life of a laptop is generally short no matter what you buy.

Five Basic Rules for Memory All computers possess the ability to store information in its memory, also called Random Access Memory, or RAM.

The Five Top DVD-ROM Decisions to Consider A DVD ROM is a new type of read-only compact disks that can hold 4.7 gigabytes of information, which is enough for a full-length movie.

Five Top External Computer Parts For your Computer You don’t have to keep it all inside anymore. It’s okay to let it out. The days of storing everything on your internal hard drive are over.

Warning Signs of a Failing Power Supply The death of a power supply could be rather traumatic. A PC is almost like a part of the family. When we loose touch with our computers, it is great cause for concern.

Why Every PC User Should Own A Flash Drive A flash drive is a small device that connects to your computer’s USB port. It’s also called a memory stick or flash device. It can store any type of data you want...

Format Hard Drive Windows 98 How to Format hard drive windows 98. To format a hard drive with windows 98, you must first reboot your computer with a windows 98 boot disk.

Enter into a New World of Entertainment with a Gaming Headset A gaming headset is a piece of equipment that is worn over the player’s ears while he or she is playing the video game.

How to Assemble a Barebone Computer Kit Setting up a Barebone Computer Kit is basically putting together a partially assembled computer. Usually the motherboard and CPU are already set up and connected to the case.

How to Build a PC A breakdown of the technology and pieces used to build a personal computer.

How to Buy a Laptop Setting a budget should be your first step. While laptop prices have dropped dramatically in recent months, laptops can still cost almost twice as much as a comparable desktop.

How to fdisk a Hard Drive Instructions on how to fdisk a Hard Drive using the Windows 98 fdisk utility.

How to Install a Motherboard Basic steps on how to install a motherboard in a personal computer.

How to Install Computer Hard Drive This article explains the basic steps on how to install computer hard drive on a pc.

How to partition hard drive into logical drives with Windows 98 This article explains how to partition a hard drive into 2 or more logical drives.

iPod Accessories To Protect Your iPod An iPod is a digitalized audio player that stores and plays audio files that are encoded by MP3 or AAC. iPods are very stylish and sleek in appearance.

Steps to installing a CD-ROM Read over any documentation or manuals that come with the CD-ROM Drive. A regular CD-ROM drive usually does not have any driver discs...

Installing a Floppy Disk Drive The first thing you want to do when installing a installing a floppy disk drive, is to read over the motherboard manual.

Installing a PC Power Supply How to Replace Your PC's Power Supply By Sarah Borroum. Sometimes, despite all of our best intentions, good power supplies go bad. They are flash-fried by unexpected power surges or outages.

Top Things to Look for in a Laptop Many people decide to buy a laptop computer because it offers flexibility and portability.

Laptops Guide: Choosing a Laptop that is Right for You Most of us tend to think of laptops in the same way: a fairly small portable computer that can open and close like a suitcase, with all of the capabilities of a desktop.

Motherboards When a new computer user sets up their system fresh from the store, they often refer to the big main box as the computer, or sometimes the tower.

How To Overclock A Processor Overclocking is when you make your system processor run faster that its normal speed. This has many advantages and dis-advantages.

PC Case Installation Guide The purpose of this guide to outline the necessary tools, precautions and preparations common to installing just about any ATX case.

Picking Out Printers Printers, just like every other aspect of PC technology are evolving as we speak. Newer more advanced models are carving out their place in the computing world constantly.

Power Supply The power supply is to the computer what the engine is to the car -- quite possibly the most crucial component of the entire machine!

Learn How To Diagnose Power Supply Problems The Power Supply convert's your regular household current into low DC voltage used by the computer. When this component fails, there is simply no activity going on wih your computer.

Printer Buying Guide Do you remember the good old days of the dot matrix printer? Do you remember the holed computer paper it required and how hard it was to feed this continuous paper into the printer without getting it in a bit crooked?

Computer Programming Computer programming is also known as software program or sometimes it is simply called ‘program’. Whatever name it’s called, its purpose is to provide instructions to a computer machine.

Portable Media Inputs For Computers Portable media is one of the most popular things that can be used. Whether it is for an MP3 player, a digital camera or something that is just used to transport files around, portable media can be used to easily transfer information from one computer to another.

Banning USB Flash Drives From The Workplace The last few years we have seen an increase in sales of the fancy looking USB flash drives. They have been made as small as a keychain figurine or a tie clip.

Top Video Cards On The Market The top video cards that can be used in today’s computers can be easily found in many stores.

Dual Core Processors Dual core processors have become very popular in the world of computing.

The New Intel 3 Chip Is Out This is the newest chip in the world of Intel computer processors.

Customizing Your Computer with Preferences Making Your Computer Work with You - Not Against You.

Selling Your Computer At some point, your needs are going to outgrow the capabilities of your computer.

Surround Sound Headphones Surround Sound Headphones like the TV Listener allows the user to turn the TV volume down as well accentuate the headphone volume up and watch TV without disturbing others.

Media Center Home Theater Today's personal computers are being called upon to do more diverse tasks than at any other point in history. In fact, the use of personal computers as an integral part of a home theater is becoming more and more commonplace as technology progresses.

Reduce Computer Problems How can I prevent Computer problems? This is a question that people have asked me many times.

Silencing your PC For anyone who utilizes a computer on a regular daily basis, the noise a PC makes can be loud and irritating.

Synchronize your PDA Being able to synchronize your PDA with your computer allows you to back up information should you need to.

External Storage versus Internal Storage Drive The decision on whether to use an external storage drive versus an internal storage drive with your PC or device can be difficult.

Five Things to Consider in Upgrading your Computer System Don’t toss out your trusty PC! Just because there is a new shiny model on the showroom floor, doesn’t mean you have to buy it. Save yourself money and upgrade.

The Top Five Most Popular Computer Upgrades Most everyone with a computer is looking to have the fastest, most efficient computer filled with the latest computer technology.

Ten Components that Plug into USB Ports Universal Serial Bus, or USB, ports are an external bus standard that support data transfer rates of as much as 12 Mbps.

Create a Windows 98 Boot Disk To Create a Windows 98 Boot Disk, do the following. From Start, go settings then control panel. Once in control panel, Click the add remove programs icon.

Windows 98 fdisk This article explains how to use windows 98 fdisk. First of all the windows 98 fdisk utility is found on the windows 98 start up disk.