Computer Preventive Maintenance

A Good computer preventive maintenance plan includes both the physical preventive computer maintenance as well as the maintaining of the software thats in the computer.

Physical Computer Preventive Maintenance

To clean the inside of the case, you will need a can of compressed air. First turn off the computer and unplug all the cables. Take the computer to a clean working area, somewhere that you can blow dust out to. Blow air to clean the CPU Fan, as well as any other fans in the case.

Dust on a CPU Fan

dust on cpu fan

To clean the rest of the parts of the computer, its always best to have it turned off.

Clean the monitor with a clean and dry soft lint free cloth. Only use a slightly damp cloth to clean away hard dirt spots.To clean the keyboard and mouse can be cleaned the same way as the monitor, with a clean cloth.

Only use a slightly damp cloth to clean away hard dirt spots. You only want it slightly damp (a few drops of water or cleaning solution) so no water gets inside the mouse or keyboard. Keyboards can be turned upside down to shake any particles or small debris that maybe in between the keys.

Maintaining the Software part of the Computer

Delete any unnecessary files like temp files, and empty the Recycle Bin on you desktop.

Defrag your your computers hard drive on a regular basis. To use the defrag program in windows, you can can start it by going:Start » Programs » Accessories » System Tools » Disk Defragmenter. When you start the program it will examine your hard disk. If it needs to be defragged, it will tell you.

Its always good to back up your data on a regular basis. If you have a CD or DVD Burner, you can save and back up files and burn them onto a disk. Save things like programs you may have downloaded. Such as games, software, music, pictures. Internet shortcuts can be saved into files as well.

Keep your computer protected by anti-virus and a anti-spyware programs. You want programs that can be updated on the internet. That way you get up to date protection.

Keeping Records

Good computer preventive maintenance also includes keeping a written record of any repairs or changes to a computer. Its also good to write down when software is added or removed from a computer. This can help with any possible troubleshooting at a later date.

Keep all the documentation for the computer in a safe place. Things like operating system CD and product keys. Software manuals, and driver disks. Passwords to various programs and websites.

If you you have more than one computer, try to keep the documents separate for each one.

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