Home Entertainment PC

A basic Home Entertainment PC can be started with a basic barebone system. Even a used PC can be used as a good start. If you are planning to get a new computer consider you old one for entertainment center, (or for parts of one).

If you are starting a new setup you may want to check your space around your home entertainment unit. See what style will fit right in with your other equipment. Decide on a mid tower, or old desktop style.
Best components

Good Quality Video Card - Now, depending on you TV, you will probably need a card with TV Output. This can be RCA, S-Video or DVI. If you have a new LCD or Plasma TV, it should have inputs for PC Video as well as PC Sound.

Good Quality Sound Card - You want a fairly good sound card for your Home Entertainment PC. Especially if you want to play sound through your reciever or amp. If you have a newer tv with pc sound input, your may not need as good a sound card. All this depends on what you will be using your Home Entertainment PC for.

Network Card - You will need a network card if you have high speed internet, or connect to other computers on a home network. If you just have dial up internet, you will need dial up modem. (Unless you connect to internet through a network.)

Wireless Keyboard and Mouse - with a Home Entertainment PC, you want to be able to sit back and surf the web or play video games in your sofa of easy chair. Depending on your situation and needs, you may get by with a wired keyboard or mouse.

DVD Player - If you dont already have a DVD Player in your Entertainment System, you may want use a DVD in you PC. If not, you will at least need a regular CD-ROM.

Large Hard Drive - If you are planning on having alot of music and video files on your PC, consider a fairly large hard drive. If the computer will be connected into a network server that holds all the music and video files, then a large hard drive may not be as important. Again, all this depends on what you will be using your Home Entertainment PC for.

TV/Monitor - A regular TV works fine for a Home Entertainment PC Setup. It should have one free component input, for you to plug you video card into. S-Video input is even better if you TV has it. Newer TV's like plasma and LCD have VGA input for PC's. to use this you will need a VGA Monitor Cable.

Speakers - Speakers may be needed if you are not connecting into your stereo system, or to a newer LCD or Plasma TV.

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