A Few Good Surround Sound Headphones

Surround Sound Headphones like the TV Listener allows the user to turn the TV volume down as well accentuate the headphone volume up and watch TV without disturbing others.

Besides working on TVs it also is handy for stereos, computers as well as other sound systems. With this headset one may watch movies or videos secure in the knowledge that one is not disturbing others around you and they, in turn may listen to music or play video games without disturbing you.

Where to buy

To find good headsets, ask the clerk in your local electronics store. They will usually be able to tell you which headsets are the best buy for your money. If you don’t trust the clerks’ opinions, some of them do work on commission, you should try to find some good headset reviews. Surround Sound Headset reviews will highlight which brands are the best and which don’t quite live up to their claims.

Online you can Check out,,,, and

Gaming Headphones

A few Popular Gaming Headphones are the Tritton AX360 True 5.1 Digital Audio Gaming Headphones, and the Turtle Beach X-52 Surround Sound Headphones. Both Available at TigerDirect.comicon