Getting the Best Graphics for Your PC

Nvidia Versus AMD is a term you hear often, but you don’t hear much about in your home computer science course or in a GPU and PowerPC class. You probably don’t even know how this relates to your CPU or the real world.

So, what is Nvidia and why is it so important? In short, it’s a fact that it’s Nvidia’s cards that are more powerful and feature superior performance than AMD’s. Why is this?

Well, the first reason that is crucial to note is because Nvidia uses software tricks to effectively work their way into your operating system. AMD never had a chance at all. However, Nvidia was forced to as they don’t have any appeal at all on Windows XP and Vista.

The reason that Nvidia has such an edge is because their graphics cards are based upon their own silicon, not their competitor’s chips. So, there’s no need for them to give their hardware away and it’s their own special power that makes their chips work so much better.

Also, because of that they tend to do all the optimization so their chips perform better. This includes the application of a lot of power saving and heat-cutting strategies. This is done to make their chips run cooler and to make them run less like a processor would.

What this all means is that Nvidia’s graphics cards tend to work much faster. Another thing is that they tend to use less power. Also, with all the optimizations in place to make the chips run faster, they are able to turn them on and off faster, which is why you don’t hear so much about them being poor and underpowered.

Another thing to note is that Nvidia’s graphics cards are often seen as cheap for a reason. There’s a reason they’re called the company cards because that’s exactly what they are – a small chip that is within the case of the computer. It’s like trying to find a chip that is inside your computer.

They’re cheap for a reason. They’re on the inside of your computer and the only place where you can find them is on your motherboard.

The biggest reason to make sure you get the right chips is because you want to keep your hardware well maintained. A broken motherboard will only cost you an extra few hundred dollars. A bad computer will cost you a lot more money in repair bills.

Therefore, make sure that you get the Nvidia versus AMD compatible computer that has all the necessary hardware that will be good for the whole computer. This means an Intel Core i7 and an Nvidia graphics card, since they make more performance than the AMD ones.

You may be surprised at how much better your computer will run when you have these two together. Not only will you get great graphics for your PC, but your overall computer will run smoother and you’ll save lots of money.

How to Choose Between Nvidia Versus AMD

There has been much heated debate regarding how well Nvidia versus AMD graphics cards stack up. As a long time computer gamer, I have to admit that I was one of the most vocal critics of AMD cards as they took so long to come around. However, after I had my new Intel 6th Gen processor, I discovered why AMD made the best graphics card out there: it’s speed.

My friends have the new Intel’s now and I’m curious to see how they fare against the AMD cards. So far, I have found that the Intel graphics cards are faster than the ATI ones. They have a much higher level of bandwidth to move data about. Here is why.

When the AMD cards first came out, many were created by Nvidia themselves and the first ones were just plain ugly. They were slow, memory-hungry and clunky. They were an eyesore. Nvidia came along and saw the mistake they had made and were able to create better GPUs.

They out did ATI when it came to the software the chips run in. When they were initially created, the computers needed to be changed from Intel’s processor to the Intel to run them. This caused all sorts of problems and the whole computer architecture changed.

  • Nvidia came along and had the advantage in being able to modify the software that the computer ran on.
  • Their chips have a set of pre-programmed drivers that allow them to handle the high bandwidths on the system.
  • The drivers are what allow the computer to run and not crash.
  • The other advantage that the Nvidia has over the AMD is that the latter uses the older “Compute Engine” which runs on older versions of the Windows OS.
  • The old version of the OS doesn’t handle all the graphics cards very well.
  • Nvidia chips run faster than AMD chips and allow the computer to process information in the blink of an eye.

You also need to take into account that you cannot get dual graphics cards for either of the two companies and combine them. You would be out of luck and be stuck with only using one. You can’t make a good amount of money using those two.

The only way to do this is to go AMD. AMD just released a driver called the Catalyst driver which allows the AMD to handle the raw horsepower that the computer needs. This means you get a smoother and faster graphic card. It also allows you to do everything more efficiently.

When choosing between Nvidia and AMD, you should be aware of just how different the hardware is. Remember that the AMD chips use a more modern processor which is why the number of chips used is less. The ATI chips use a low end processor which makes things even slower. This can be seen in games where they take longer to load and play.

I find that the best advantage that Nvidia has over AMD is that they do have more drivers. They have them for a variety of games, which mean you have more flexibility when it comes to choosing which games to play. I can’t think of any games that I would rather play than one of the newer Nvidia cards.

I believe that the best way to choose which graphics card to get is to get a driver which will work on both. I can’t imagine not playing any games at all using one or the other, but you will save yourself some time and headaches if you do choose to go AMD.